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Branding > 10.4 Printed Identity Applications

The Bookstore

by KoeperHerfurth

While many people maintain that the printed book is finished these days and large bookstores close in Dortmund, a small and specialized bookstore originates. The two founders share their passion for the printed book.  They decided to stock a specialized assortment of well-designed books in the areas of English literature, art and design. The design of the books and its content are of equal value. The whole idea concentrates on the book as an object. And so the book builds also the center of the appearance for The Bookstore. Cuboids in different sizes, colors and textures build the basis of the design. They function as a link between different media. The views and perspectives of the body are variable, only the used color system is stated.  For everyday communication 2-sided blanks were produced, which can be used both as a poster, on the other hand as a template for flyers and Mailings. The DIN A3 large blanks function as Raport. This way it’s possible to decorate even large areas, for example the back wall of an exhibition stand. In letterhead and business cards, the physical impression is reinforced by a press cut. The corresponding printed letterheads can serve as a figurehead in the bookstore. In the production, care was taken to provide customers with as much autonomy as possible and to provide an economical solution for a variety of communication channels. Shapes and colors can be found at the store. Wood blocks were build to be used to decorate shop windows and displays and tables for product photos for the website, which were painted in the appropriate colors and textures. 

  • Creative Directors Fabian Koeper, Jonas Herfurth
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Angela Dalinger
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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