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Miscellaneous > 17.6 Student Project

The Collection of Hugs

by Gosia Nierodzinska

It takes at least two to cuddle. Something special is arising between the cuddled bodies, something none of us would be able to create alone. This energetic exchange is very difficult to grasp with words. That’s why in this project I used a code that changes hugs into drawings. Each drawing is different because there are no two identical hugs. Intensity and length of each hug affect the density and length of the drawing lines. The authors of the drawings are persons hugging each other and the code, all in equal relation, none of the parties can fully predict the effect that the embrace can bring. We all participate in an experiment that can surprise us. We can all share its effects at www.thecollectionofhugs.com

  • Creative Directors Gosia Nierodzinska
  • Art Directors Gosia Nierodzinska
  • Designers Gosia Nierodzinska
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Gosia Nierodzinska
  • Copywriters Gosia Nierodzinska
  • Web Design Arek Romanski
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