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The Cork Book

by studio FM milano

The Cork Book is a book about cork that tells all the aspects of this extraordinary material. Curated by the designer Filipe Alarcao for Amorim (the world’s leading producer of cork), the graphic project was developed by studio FM milan, which has always been close to the world of industrial products and architecture. The volume carries on the cover the word Co-Rk composed on two lines, as if it were the initials of a chemical element of the periodic table of the elements, as are iron (FE), copper (CU) and gold (AU) . The color printed on all the faces, the surface texture, the proportion of the Cork Book present the cork as a primary element. In the internal pages of the book contemporary visual codes are used, superimposed on a classic nineteenth-century encyclopedia language. In fact, cork is this dichotomy, a material that has been worked in the same way for thousands of years but has always been able to develop new and unexpected uses.

  • Creative Directors studio FM milano
  • Art Directors studio FM milano
  • Designers studio FM milano
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Amorim
  • Copywriters
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