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The Correspondent: Unbreaking Newspaper

by Momkai

News as we know it leaves us cynical, divided, and less informed. The Correspondent is a movement for unbreaking news, changing what news is about, how it’s made, and how it’s funded. We crowdfunded $2.6M from 45,888 members in 130+ countries, setting a world record. For us at Momkai, co-founding this journalistic revolution meant designing and executing a complete crowdfunding campaign in all its outings, including the slogan Unbreaking News.

To achieve our goal of making ‘unbreaking news’ a reality, we had to play on the notion of ‘breaking news’. And due to the unfamiliar angle of our journalistic philosophy we chose to stay close to associative characteristics from familiar media brands. In other words, our printed identity needed to evoke a familiar journalistic feel for our unfamiliar message to be accepted.

We decided to produce, and parody, the most familiar vehicle of journalism: the newspaper. Our ‘Not-the-newspaper’ contained our journalistic principles as well as quirky headlines showing the irrelevance and flaws of daily news, such as: ‘GDP up 1%. Or down 2%. Nobody really knows. And it doesn’t really matter either.’ or ‘Millions of black people minded own business last week, report shows.’

Through the usage of a familiar journalistic vehicle, and a color scheme familiar from other established journalism brands, we drew attention to our unfamiliar and unconventional message: Let’s shift from the sensational to the foundational. Let’s unbreak news.

  • Creative Directors Harald Dunnink
  • Art Directors Martijn van Dam, Ferdy Pullens, Harald Dunnink, Matthew Ipcar
  • Designers Ferdy Pullens, Martijn van Dam, Joel Williams, Harald Dunnink
  • Illustrators Leon de Korte, Leon Postma, Cléa Dieudonné
  • Photographers
  • Editors Sebastian Kersten, Martijn Tiemersma, Joanna Bax, Rosan Smits, Sterre Sprengers, Lena Bril, Mayke Blok, Malouk van der Velden, Daphne van der Kroft, Joris Tjaden, Luke Ambrose
  • Copywriters Rob Wijnberg, Jessica Best, Brenna Foster, Alexa Sonnenfeld, Zainab Shah, Ernst-Jan Pfauth
  • Producers David van Zeggeren, Andrew Paryzer, Haneef Khan
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