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by BOB Studio

What can possibly go worse in 2021 than 2020? What will happen if the Internet goes down? How will artificial intelligence influence our everyday life? Who is Avozilla? What if the sun disappeared? Why will the aliens throw us out? Does distance kill love?
We proudly present you «The End of the World», a calendar for 2021 which predicts the future, an hymn to optimism and faith on human being, created during a hard lockdown.
After a long and difficult period for everyone, we tried to redefine our personal and social existence with humour and empathy. We strongly believe that in the end…all will go well.
Every month is a unique poster of a fiction (or not) world catastrophe that is described with humor, designed with bright and vivid illustrations in contrast to the darkness of the themes presented and printed in fluo colours. A calendar which will hopefully bring luck to the new year and joy to our walls.

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