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The Essence of the Hay

by ABCdesign

Cousines Kirill Danchenko and Dima Aleksashin founders of Astroshock, specializing in website and mobile application development. In the summer of 2019, they drove from Moscow to Vladivostok and tried to answer one difficult question: what is the essence of hay?
The route passes through big cities and small villages through unusual places in Russia, filled with unique visual photographic material and  thought provoking text.
The design of the book is based on the rhythm of the route – alternation between cities and roads.
This is reflected in the book navigation design and page design.
The scale bar at the bottom of the pages shows the progress of travelers to the east. The scale at the edge of the right page shows the days of travel.
There is a special pocket in the flyleaf of the book, where a sticker is a route map, postcards and hierpacks. The cover of the book is a list of all the roads and mountains through which the route passed. All copyright photographs are printed in color. All additional visuals and navigation elements are printed in pantone ink. The color and type of font also helps in navigating books. Special icons have been developed for navigation. An illustrator was involved in the work on the book, who made additional drawings for some topics.
The construction of the book is just as unusual! its cover is hard, but at the same time the book block has an open spine for comfortable opening of pages.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Dmitry Mordvintsev
  • Designers Dmitry Mordvintsev, Svetlana Daniluk
  • Illustrators Evgeny Tonkonogiy
  • Photographers Kirill Danchenko, Dima Aleksashin
  • Editors Sergey Korol
  • Copywriters
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