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Internal Production > 16.3 Self-Initiated Projects

The Greek Monsters project

by Beetroot Design Group

In 2011 our team was honored with the red-dot communication design award as the Agency of the Year”. As the winner of the competition, we were asked to create an exhibition that would be the main event in the red-dot finalists’ exhibition. Contrary to the self-concerned exhibitions that have been presented in the past, we choose to create “The Greek Monsters” exhibition, a display of originally designed adaptations of the monsters from the Greek Mythology as an attempt to reverse –not without a sense of humor– the ill socio-political image of modern Greece as this was (and is) largely presented in the media both all around the globe. With their dual meaning both as perpetrators and victims, the Greek monsters were presented as three-dimensional sculptures, paintings and graffiti, and were also coupled by original poems in the place of other explanatory information. Focused on their message rather than their appearance, the monsters were used as contemporary symbols against racism, generalization and exclusion, while illustrating key philosophical stands and practices in design. The TGM exhibition in Berlin became a huge success and the red dot organization decided to move it in all the other red dot center cities and building on this very positive reception of the exhibition, we decided to further develop it into a large scale self-initiated project covering most aspects of the communication design spectrum. At the heart of the TGM project is the monsters exhibition that now features more than twenty monsters and poems and keeps growing at a rate of “one new monster” per new showing. Also next to the two and three dimensional artifacts some of the monsters added were in fact audiovisual installations making extensive use of our team members’ diverse talents in programming, new media and sonic design. Communicating the exhibition became a sub-project in its own right as we internally designed a large communication campaign for every communication medium available including, radio, tv and the internet and also magazines, posters, public displays etc. As one of the many supporting events of the TGM exhibition we created an educational program by the title “The Little Monsters” which was highly praised by the press and its visitors as “one of the most engaging and constructive programs for children in the last ten years” and it was fully booked within the first weeks from the opening of the exhibition. We also created a wide range of TGM merchandising, gifts and memorabilia, including t-shirts, posters, books, balloons etc. that were sold through our designated website and the various museum shops that were hosting the exhibition. With “The Greek Monsters”, we attempted to blend the boundaries between a communication design campaign, a primitive art installation and an archaeological museum exhibition and to fuse a seemingly archetypal iconography with an iconoclastic edge while at the same time introducing the power and worth of design and design philosophy in contemporary life. After two very successful runs in Athens and Thessaloniki, “The Greek Monsters” exhibition will next be opening in New York in May 2013.

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