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The growing Newspaper

by Heyday Konzeption und Gestaltung GmbH

Ribcap is a beautiful and functional alternative to the classic helmet for driving your bicycle and other sports activities. On the one hand, a ripcap keeps you warm (very handy when it gets cold). On the other hand, a ripcap protects your head safely thanks to sewed-in protectors.  Ripcap’s target audience is growing enthusiastically thus opening markets in new parts of the world (mostly Europe and Asia). This calls for a modular and adjustable communications strategy you can easily ad on, switch and exchange topics you want to talk about with your customers.  We created a growing newspaper for Ripcap that combines a playbook with editorial pieces for a well-rounded reading experience. This way it works as a promotional and commercial tool as well as it is image building. The newspaper is designed to grow continually, add new parts and even adapt its format. That way it will always stay current for Ripcap – no matter what this exciting brand will do next.

  • Creative Directors Sam Divers, Philipp Lüthi, Ariane Forster
  • Art Directors Heyday
  • Designers Sam Divers, Philipp Lüthi, Ariane Forster
  • Illustrators Heyday, Alice Kolb, Rodja Galli
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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