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The Hart Island Project

by Studio AIRPORT

Design a storytelling and visualization platform aimed to preserve the memories of the people buried on Hart Island for present and future generations.
About The Hart Island Project
New York’s City Cemetery on Hart Island occupies 101 acres in the Long Island Sound on the eastern edge of the Bronx. Since 1869, prison labor is used to bury unclaimed and unidentified New Yorkers in mass graves that are inaccessible to the public.
The Hart Island Project assists families and individuals with limited resources in accessing public burial records and information concerning burial procedures on Hart Island, and increases public awareness of the history of Hart Island through engaged storytelling.
The project maintains an online database of people buried from 1980 until present day, as well as maps of their grave locations.
Concept & Design
Through design Studio AIRPORT created a method to measure the time people buried are missing from history. This design solution is called ‘The Clocks of Anonymity’ (which received a provisional U.S. patent). The clock starts ticking from the moment a person is buried on the island. When a visitor submits a story, photo or video the clock will stop ticking and the person is found again. 
This online identity management system is a growing platform. It gains depth and value the more relatives and other visitors contribute stories, art and poems. History is created through storytelling. The website is essential because it’s the only “memorial” since no one is allowed to visit the gravesite. 
Other important features of the website include the interactive map where people can search by plot/grave numbers, the media gallery with art related projects concerning Hart Island and the news and events section where all the news items about The Hart Island are collected.

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