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The House Packaging (Husets)

by The Metric System Design Studio

Husets (The House) is a modern take on a classic corner shop with everyday groceries. Husets (The House) own private label contains nordic, seasonal and locally sourced products. As well as some European small scale niche producers. Husets (The House) focus on quality, animal welfare, environment and sustainability. The Packaging Design is based on a clear family resemblance. High recognition and easy to understand. All the elements is built upon a flexible grid to fit and scale all sizes and formats. The expression is flexible and lush. Comfortable and a touch of humor. With a strong color-palette, humorous illustrations and a unpretentious look, the design seeks to inspire the joy of food and cooking.

  • Creative Directors Are Kleivan & Christian Schnitler
  • Art Directors Are Kleivan & Christian Schnitler
  • Designers Are Kleivan & Christian Schnitler
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Are Kleivan & Christian Schnitler
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