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The Locomotive / IDEOLO

by Fundacja Sztuczna

The book “Locomotive /IDEOLO” is an interpretation of Julian Tuwim works – committed, courageous, sharp, uncompromising. It shows difficult topics as national identity, racism, anti-semitism. Against the background of “Locomotive”  poem, which is seen as a poem for children, authors dare an erotic about contemporary economic problems, economic, ecological, ethical … On the train you can spot Jews, hooligans, soldiers, gays and lesbians, hipster … animals and different materials.

more informations:

  • Creative Directors Malgorzata Gurowska
  • Art Directors Malgorzata Gurowska
  • Designers Malgorzata Gurowska
  • Illustrators Malgorzata Gurowska
  • Photographers -
  • Editors Joanna Ruszczyk
  • Copywriters Joanna Ruszczyk
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