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The Modern Nose


The Modern Nose is an aroma tasting kit for a new generation of wine lovers that encompasses connoisseurs, sommeliers and simple enthusiasts. As such, it had to stand out with a fresh new personality, breaking with the common stereotypes tied to the world of wine: packaging for The Modern Nose was about creating a different experience around a simple product that was otherwise hard to differentiate. TODO designed brand, product and packaging to be high quality, polished and beautiful, with a hint of fun. 
The kit is a learning tool that specifically pinpoints a variety of wine aromas and allows anyone to train their sense of smell.  A wooden sleeve adds tactile quality to the black cardboard box, which contains 32 metal tins filled with a variety of specific aromas – from strawberry to leather – captured in an innovative solid form.  On each lid and inside each tin, a unique, custom-machined photochemical etching evokes the recurrent pattern in the brand identity – a visualization of aroma particles suspended in air – and reveals the aroma’s identification number.  A deck of cards with iconic illustrations allows users to pair each number with its aroma, checking their progress in recognizing and remembering the notes in any glass. 
Finally, considering the product is mainly marketed through e-commerce, TODO created an external layer of packaging in triple-wave, rigid corrugated cardboard, which protects the box during shipping while further extending the brand identity’s visual language.

  • Creative Directors Giorgio Olivero
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Stefano Maccarelli, Silvio Tidu, Giorgio Olivero
  • Illustrators Amedeo Spagnolo, Stefano Maccarelli
  • Photographers PEPE fotografia
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Michelle Nebiolo
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