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The Museum Of Everything

by elyron snc

The Museum Of Everything has been founded by James Brett, a Londoner filmmaker and collector; it displays an incredible collection of works (more than 800, at Turin exhibition time) of over one hundred self-taught artists: amateur, naive, mentally or physically disabled outsiders, ideally in line with the art brut by Jean Dubuffet.
The exhibition design, at Turin’s Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, is the outcome of a project by James Brett himself, developed in progress – with no precise space planning – with the architect Marco Palmieri. They have used fortuitously-found recovery and waste materials. Even, the works’ packing cases and boxes have been used to partition space or support the works themselves.
The graphic design has necessarily embraced these requisites, directly interacting with the unfolding of the fitting-out and developing freely, starting from very simple foundations. The whole signs and communication display has been hand drawn in situ, directly on the exhibition walls, with no digital support; just using two colours, the red and the black, according to the Museum Of Everything’s guidelines.
The only exception was the Pinacoteca’s large entrance glass window (approximately 11 x 3.70 m), where an ephemeral intervention was made using a common glass cleaning foam. Drawings were traced by naked fingers on glass surface.
The result is a high-liveliness graphic complex, whose improvisation becomes a rule.

  • Creative Directors Roberto Necco, Roberto Balocco, James Brett
  • Art Directors Roberto Necco, Roberto Balocco
  • Designers Roberto Necco, Roberto Balocco
  • Illustrators Roberto Necco, Roberto Balocco
  • Photographers Andrea Guermani
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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