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THE OPÉRA - Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography (Volume IV)

by THE OPÉRA Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography

Every body tells a story. Nude photography –one of the most immediate and intimate means of portraying human bodies and emotions – makes these stories visible. THE OPÉRA is committed to collecting and passing on these stories by referring to a selection of contemporary and traditional exponents of nude photography. 
The aesthetic and cultural wealth and the long tradition and classical status of opera as a high-art function here as an inspirational metaphor for a volume of photographs published annually and which deals with the most sensitive and direct kind of portrait.
In numerous intimate encounters, international photo artists document and direct the wealth and individual aesthetic of the human body. They retain the histories of the people depicted in the images in an almost physically palpable way. 

  • Creative Directors Matthias Straub
  • Art Directors Romano Dudas
  • Designers Romano Dudas
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers diverse
  • Editors Matthias Straub
  • Copywriters Matthias Straub
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