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The Real Job

by Trapped in Suburbia

The cover of this book is turned inside out. The frontcover is inside, the endpaper is outside. The book itself is not printed in regular CMYK. Since the book is about experiments, we decided to replace the cyan with a bright PMS blue, magenta with a neon PMS pink, and yellow with a neon PMS yellow. We did print the book like a normal CMYK printwork would be printed. This gives the book a surprising effect and makes the photos pop out.

FC de Omslag is a collaboration between the library and the archives in the city of Gouda. This initiative was set up to explore and experiment how they, together with the inhabitants of Gouda, can create culture. The book is an adventure book about dealing with culture in a new experimental way. The ‘de Omslag’, means ‘book cover’ and refers to both the books in the library and the archive. But it also means ‘turning point’, which the team believes this project could mean for them. 

This is also the reason why we deliberately chose to make the cover of this publication a focal point. The cover is turned inside out. It makes you look twice, and that’s what FC de Omslag is about.

  • Creative Directors Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld
  • Art Directors Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld
  • Designers Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld, Marleen van den End
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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