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The reversed book


The reversed book From the project to the object. To illustrate the event ”Rendez-vous des créateurs 2012*”, Marks decided to carry out a performance consisting of a creation of a book – an object in several dimensions. In the format of 145x200mm, it was designed from a typographic grid, a strictly defined space within the margins: every act is characterised by different paper, as if each page discovered a new world defined by linear variations of the rhythm. This well defined structure permitted us to give rein to the creativity. Black on black, black on white, white on white, white on black (positive and negative contrasts), white overprinted on black (creation of the third value). The book is reversed (turned upside down) and therefore the page numbering starts with 81 (of 160 pages in total). The story begins on page 1, from the cover placed in the centre of the book. * Annual event with a view to highlight some of the best Swiss artisans and enterprises, specialised in paper and its enrichment. IMPRESSUM Technical execution Flocking: Bastcolor Lamination: KMC Papers: Papyrus Cover papers: Winter&Company Printing plates: H+M et Kurz Cover: BuBu Serigraphy: Lorenz Boegli, Atelier Fuer Siebdruck Embossing, hot stamping, laser cutting: Sonderegger Fontes LL Brown Bold Italics/Riegling. Lineto Editing Martine Jaques-Dalcroze Original idea and graphic design David Zahno et Ninon Carrier. Marks

  • Creative Directors Marks
  • Art Directors David Zahno and Ninon Carrier
  • Designers David Zahno and Ninon Carrier
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Rendez-vous des créateurs
  • Copywriters Marks and Rendez-vous des créateurs
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