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The Social Shuffle

by Dawn

The Social Shuffle: perhaps the simplest solution for happier classrooms.
In places where social ties are strong, people are known to be happier and healthier. Which is why regional health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid invests in social cohesion through campaigns and initiatives.  In 2015, their ambition was to make a valuable contribution to a more socially-minded society. We came up with a creative solution that, emphasized by a strong PR approach, resulted in social impact and a lot of free publicity. 
A socially-minded society starts at school and scientists have found that regularly switching places in the classroom can significantly improve the relationship between children. It might even prevent bullying. We used this insight to create an online tool that enables teachers to rearrange classes every time it’s used, whilst it provides children with a fun experience. 
We gave it a catchy name – the Social Shuffle – and integrated it in a simple website, optimized for digital school boards, used in almost every Dutch classroom. The Social Shuffle is a shared and fun experience, supported by wacky emojis, an introductory video and a talking avatar guide. It is designed with classroom environments in mind, where attention spans are short and children are quick to judge on whether something is cool or not. Furthermore, the tool helps shuffling in an optimal way: with every new shuffle, children are sat next to different classmates. And by the end of the year, they all know each other better. 
After testing the tool in classrooms with positive results, we started distributing the Social Shuffle to local primary schools, while sending a tailor made toolkit to different media. They started to take notice and cover the Social Shuffle in ways we could only have dreamt of. 
National news broadcasts in the Netherlands and Belgium reported on this social innovation, realizing a PR value of €600,000 in the Dutch media alone and spreading the idea.  Classrooms in at least 120 schools, we know of, adopted the Social Shuffle, throughout the whole country, contributing to happier classes. Afterwards, the scientists received a prestigious academic award for the societal impact and media attention their research has instigated. But the result that make us the proudest, is that children loved it and that sitting to an unfamiliar kid has now become something cool. 

  • Creative Directors David Snellenberg
  • Art Directors Giuseppe du Crocq & Ronnie Besseling
  • Designers Ronnie Besseling
  • Illustrators Dan Woodger
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters David Snellenberg
  • Developers Ijsfontein
  • UX Ijsfontein
  • Film director Arne Toonen
  • Film production company hazazaH
  • Logo animation Jeroen Krielaars - Calango
  • Strategy director Maarten Nefkens
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