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Promotion > 12.3 Brochure

The Threepenny Opera

by Marcin Markowski

This brochure was made to be a theatrical program for the play of B. Brecht, an adaptation of The Beggar’s Opera. The director displaced the action of the play from London to the post-war Berlin. The design task was to respect the content of the play (the adventurous and rich life of the main character as well as the dealings the criminal world) together with underlining the idea of the director of placing the action of the play into the post-war Berlin. The project is inspired by typography and prints of Berlin 1945. Pink, paper, erotic photographs juxtaposed with ”instruments of crime”, expressing lifestyle and adventurous plots of the play. In contrast, the cover was creased and cut in 1/3 (cut off from a larger and previously printed piece) to make a reference to deficiencies both the production and supply of paper in post-war Berlin.

  • Creative Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Art Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Designers Marcin Markowski
  • Illustrators Marcin Markowski
  • Photographers Marcin Markowski
  • Editors Anna Maśląkowska
  • Copywriters Marcin Markowski
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