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The Tsunami


TheTsunami app

Help us save countless lives from the next devastating tsunami

With each passing year, the threats of tsunamis and floods loom ever larger over people around the globe. Working with experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), we have helped to create an app designed to protect vulnerable residents and visitors from the next catastrophe. On February 15, the app team will launch a Kickstarter campaign to collect the remaining funds required to put the app into action.

TheTsunami app will tap into a global network of dozens of buoys designed by the NOAA to detect tsunami-related disturbances at a moment’s notice.

The moment we detect a disturbance, we will provide users with real-time alerts and all of the information they will need to protect themselves and their loved ones.

During any sort of tsunami-related disturbance, users will have the following invaluable resources at their fingertips:

1. A countdown to when the tsunami is expected to hit
2. Live updates of the height and speed of the wave
3. The option to share the relevant data with friends and loved ones
4. A comprehensive evacuation plan, showing you the nearest safe zone and how to get there
5. News updates relevant to the tsunami
6. Confirmation that you have reached the safe zone

During any sort of flooding – whether the floods are caused by a tsunami, a hurricane or any other disaster – stranded users can tap the app’s SOS button to be immediately connected with all relevant emergency professionals in the vicinity. With one tap of the button, all nearby emergency professionals will be alerted to the user’s exact location. Thus, users can focus on tending to their immediate needs rather than calling 911 and attempting to discern their own whereabouts. The technology will work even when GPS signals are at their weakest.

So long as the coast is clear, users can open and explore the app to double-check that everything’s ok, to help craft a tsunami/flood survival plan, to read up on the latest news or to learn more about TheTsunami and the technologies we rely on.

TheTsunami app is designed in a minimalistic and straightforward fashion. The team goal is to save as many lives as possible; we don’t want any of our users to have to spend valuable time flipping through endless screens and dense text.

It will also be fully automated. The elimination of the human factor will save time, ensure against human error and – as a result of both of these elements – save lives.

  • Creative Directors Max Desyatykh
  • Art Directors Andrew Lisitsyn
  • Designers Margarita Petuhova
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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