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The twelve of '13 (Ando Calendar 2013)

by Walvis & Mosmans

The Ando calendar is an annual gift from the The Hague-based printer Ando to it’s clients. This years’ design and concept by Walvis & Mosmans, shows the virtues of printing, binding and design like no other. All 2.000 copy’s were hand bound to create a unique piece of craftsmanship, that is surprising in many different ways. Containing twelve separate sections, the book emphasizes the passing of the year, each month with it’s own pattern and color scheme. 

  • Creative Directors Wijnand de Vries
  • Art Directors Marc Mosmans, Tjeerd Walvis
  • Designers Aernout Tas, Nina Rödner, Natalia Kouters, Marc Mosmans, Wijnand de Vries
  • Illustrators Walvis & Mosmans
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Printer Ando bv, Fokko Tamminga
  • Binding Gijs Wortel Binding
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