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The Weapons' Reputation

by cinzia bongino

If the film is not available on the website because it is selected by film festivals, it is always available here (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hujhjke7zk6dj2e/AABBn5Xo6fkvyCccylSWzJb7a?dl=0)

The Weapons’ Reputation is a research project on the arms trade, and how the arms deals influence worldwide geopolitics.
The project questions the integrity of the business of weapons as legal commerce of tools of warfare. Since it’s a legal commerce, every transaction is regulated by national law and international treaties, without a common compulsory regulation. Every country that ratified the Arms Trade Treaty must publish an annual report of arms import/export but only a few countries produce complete and accessible documentation. Illicit trades and diversion of arms happen because of this lack of transparency.
The title “The Weapons’ Reputation” highlights the role of armaments in the alliances among countries: an analysis of arms as military tools, economic goods, and political accessory to bolster the reputation of states. As a case study, the conflict in Yemen (2015-present) is taken into exam through the type of weaponry employed. By applying forensic methodologies and Open Source Investigation Techniques (OSINT), it is possible to identify which nations have an (in)direct involvement in the civil war.
The research has then been translated into a 17-minute film, extended by a repository of weapons employed in the conflict. The weapons’ repository showcases arms systems and components transferred to the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi militia, exported after the beginning of the civil war. These items have been used against civilians and civilian infrastructure, in a nation with an active arms embargo on non-state military groups. 

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