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The Wonderful Socks


Ricardo del Conte, The Wonderful Socks’ creative director, is sensitive to the double life of objects and has a knack for sports. Starting from these two , he has designed – with a selection of creative professionals – and produced a series of quality sports hoses, drawing inspiration from cycling and running. The different models of socks are based on the most significant and epic stories of sport, but non only: the champions, whether popular or not, who have done their best to overcome human limits represent the brand of this unique and innovative product. Bubba Socks: a tribute to Forrest Gump’s long run. Aremberg: a celebration of the most famous Paris-Roubaix stretch of cobbles. Seul 1988: homage to Gelindo Bordin’s Olympic gold medal. The Climb: an ode to climbing specialists, light as feathers but able to triumph over any adversity. 
The leitmotif which has led to the design of socks and packaging is presto for the environment. The yarn is produced in Italy with highly technological fibers so as to ensure comfort and good performances in every season. 
The new packaging for The Wonderful Socks cycling sport line comprises of a single sheet of black pulp paper with a simple white screenprint. The assembly of the packaging is done manually, totally eliminating the gluing areas in order to facilitate the recycling of the materials and prevent any unnecessary waste product. 
The original brief required the packaging to be very sturdy so as to enable it to be shipped worldwide, but also to be an aesthetically pleasing product. The primary requirement for this packaging in fact was to allow the brand great visibility in shops and displays, without subjecting the socks to wear-and-tear.
The triangular shape is capable of withstanding bumps and its dimensions allow for contained shipping costs. Its lines are reminiscent of a large origami structure and its modular format allows for straight-forward arrangements on counters and window displays.

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