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Publication > 11.6 Calendar

The Zwaan rockalender

by Enkeling

Every year Zwaan printmedia publishes a calender for selfpromotion. Allready 28 years in a row and always in the same silly long size, but every year to be designed by a differtent talented dutch designer.
The 2010 calender is made by Enkeling, an alias of Symen Veenstra. Enkeling made it a tribute to his rock favorites, using different type of layers.
Enkeling illustrated and typographed everyting by himself. He even looked up 365 birthdays of rock artists. A hell of a job!

  • Creative Directors Symen Veenstra (alias Enkeling)
  • Art Directors Symen Veenstra (alias Enkeling)
  • Designers Symen Veenstra (alias Enkeling)
  • Illustrators symen Veenstra (alias Enkeling)
  • Photographers -
  • Editors -
  • Copywriters -
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