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Thijs Verbeek A-B-C

by Thijs Verbeek grafisch ontwerp

Three booklets in different formats. Format A is 85×60, B is 46×32 and C is 32x24mm. Format A contains a selection of the graphic work by Thijs Verbeek. Format B archived works of Thijs Verbeek. Format C sources of inspiration. 
The covers contain a 2mm thick sheet of stainless steel, causing the books to weigh 10 times their original weight. 
The books consist of 176 full color pages. 

  • Creative Directors Thijs Verbeek
  • Art Directors Thijs Verbeek
  • Designers Thijs Verbeek
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Arjan Benning
  • Editors Thijs Verbeek
  • Copywriters
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