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This is Service Design Thinking

by Jakob Schneider
Best of Show

This book represents an international project initiated by Marc Stickdorn from Austrian Management Center Innsbruck. It strives to be the first comprehensive textbook on the emerging field of service design. Within this field, the term “design” does not only include physical objects but moreover the inherent yet intangible service they provide. So in order to be authentical, this book has to understand itself as a service.

Combining the seriousness of a classic textbook with visual aides, the book tries to provide a better “service experience” during reading and learning with the actual object.

  • Creative Directors Jakob Schneider
  • Art Directors Jakob Schneider
  • Designers Jakob Schneider
  • Illustrators Jakob Schneider
  • Photographers crowdsourced material
  • Editors Marc Stickdorn & Jakob Schneider
  • Copywriters 23 co-authors, 80+ online participants
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