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TINE Melkerampa Identity


TINE is Norway´s largest dairy producer, with roots going back to 1881. When Oslo´s first ever high-end food hall (Mathallen) was to be built, TINE saw the chance to connect with the modern urban consumer by creating a new concept store called Melkerampa. Here, they can communicate and interact with the end-users at a point beyond the supermarket fridge. The Melkerampa concept store opened in October 2012. Here the traditional meets the modern in a symbiosis of visual identity and interior design – the interior of the Melkerampa store allows for both selling and serving and it´s fleshed out through the use of elements from the visual identity. Working in close collaboration with Inne Design, the central element of the Melkerampa concept came to be ”Hjemme hos TINE”, or ”at home with TINE”, reflecting the experience of coming home to a friend who always has a spare chair at the kitchen table with coffee on the stove. The long table acts as the centerpiece to the store, inviting visitors to rest a while and maybe chat with their table-mate. The name Melkerampa conjures up images of old traditions – this was a roadside ramp where farmers dropped off milk cans and stopped to socialise. We found inspiration in identity elements from the 1930s and the new symbol refers to old Norwegian woodcarvings, an expression of quality. Visual identity and customer experience are maintained in all touchpoints, from signage, labelling and the fully responsive website, to milking stools, wooden cutlery and the servers’ aprons. A unique opportunity where Strategy + Design = one holistic concept.  The colour palette combines visual proximity to the mother brand of TINE and a distinctive, courageous expression. A classic deep blue colour complements the colouring of the dairy products, and the light blue colour was taken straight from the TINE colour palette. It provides a dimmed expression of the various illustration styles used, for example, on wrapping paper and take-away packaging. An intensely warm red accent colour gives uniqueness without being too traditional. Melkerampa has become a destination in this dynamic Scandinavian capital and the talk of the town. There is great demand in the market for TINE Melkerampa high end products. Their premium Hardanger apple juice and mature cheese were sold out during opening week. And not least the store continues to get excellent feedback from customers and reviewers and can claim a loyal group of regulars.

  • Creative Directors Eirik Seu Stokkmo
  • Art Directors Ingvil Marstein, Torjan Rood Vastveit
  • Designers Ingvil Marstein, Torjan Rood Vastveit, Eirik Seu Stokkmo, Tonje Jæger
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Project Managers Evelyn Wulff, Emma Prunty
  • Client Director Annie Myhre
  • Web design Thomas Kaldhol
  • Interior designer MNIL Vigdis Apeland Bergh
  • Interior designer Marte Roverud Fredriksen
  • Interior design agency Inne Design
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