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tinos project

by brand.new

Tinos Project is a self-initiated project about rethinking traditional products’ packaging design. Basic idea was the development of a series of products that incorporate in their design references to the local identity and the traditional production process itself. 
Tinos island was chosen as a place to provide, not only the specific products originally produced, but also several triggers for this creative process. Those triggers were adequete enough to give us ideas about the design of the shape of the products itself along with the graphic design implementation. 
Tinos project includes the design of five locally made products.  
For this alcoholic beverage initial idea was the procedure of distilling itself. This conversion from the solid matter (grapes) into gaseous form and then liquid led us to design the fluctuations with this upward tendency for the base of the bottle. The material who chose for this implementation, as well as for the whole series of products, is bepulp, a material made from sugar–cane pulp. In this emphatic design we aimed for a simple typographic rendition that would be coherent also through the rest of the product range.  
>artichokes in olive oil
Artichokes is yet another Tinos island locally made product. For that we wanted an upscale product that will follow the whole project’s decisions and feeling. So we came up with an embossed shape in the pot’s lid as a direct reference to artichoke itself. Typographically we kept the simple rendition of white letters printed directly on glass. In the industrial design stage we also thought of the strainer, a surface that separates the olive oil from the artichokes keeping them afloat. 
>kalathaki cheese
The idea for kalathaki cheese is found in the very process of its production, the traditional basket of Tinos. The packaging we came up with is a combination of a clean geometric shape as a base for the product with a special wrapping for the cheese made of rice paper as we thought that emits a sense of purity and order. The remaining design decisions fall in line with the rest of the identity’s essential ideas.     
The design of the Tinos locally made Marzipans has a direct reference to the pigeon’s houses encountered on the island. Furthermore, we wanted a small packaging that highlights that idea when lots of them lie together, along with creating an interesting pattern of products for the store’s shelf. The materials chosen were bepulp for the base and thick rise paper for the lids, white color printed.   
>handmade lasagne
The main idea for packaging lasagne came from the very way of producing the hand-made pasta.
Thus, on the packaging, we designed the wooden drying stick of the pasta as an embossed and the hanging pasta as die-cut’s window to the product.
about tinos script (typeface)
To complement the visual indentity we also designed a brand new custom typeface specifically for this project. This typeface derives from ancient and Archaic writings that can be found in different historic relics of Tinos. While containing a strong heritage, it also varies in contemporary geometry to create and promote a fresh look that bonds well together with the rest of the series’ concept.  

  • Creative Directors Kostas Mentzos
  • Art Directors Kostas Mentzos
  • Designers Anna-Maria Vlassopoulou, Nour Hadwan, Yasmina Rasamny, Anastasia Efhetzi
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Product Designer / Engineer Cristina Seijas Fernández
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