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TON Catalogue

by Studio Marvil

TON is a traditional Czech bent-wood furniture manufacturer whose history spans almost 150 years. Its portfolio contains classic chairs and tables with iconic design as well as highly innovative products developed recently.
This mixture of manual craftsmanship and continuous design innovation is reflected in the concept of the product catalogue.
The product photos were arranged directly in the industrial spaces of TON manufacture and these images are accompanied by atmospheric photographs of surrounding countryside and nature landmarks.
Graphic design of the product catalogue is based on simple principles without any decoration relying only on elaborate design, Ladislav typeface (by Suitcase Typefoundry) and the beauty of the photographs.
The main product catalogue is accompanied by the catalogue of the selected projects in which TON products were used and by the samples of upholstery fabrics – all these items are packaged in the simple yet highly functional paper box.

  • Creative Directors Pavel Zelenka
  • Art Directors Jiří Karásek, Michaela Tomiskova
  • Designers Tereza Pavelkova
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Martin Chum, Vaclav Jirasek
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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