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Publication > 11.3 Artistic Catalogue

Ton of Holland ­ Contemporary Embriodery

by Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf

Ton of Holland is a Dutch artist. He first paints on linen, which he then embroiders. In a book of 240 pages he wants to show reproductions of his work, sketches, ideas, sources of inspirations and two art essays by critics. Ton of Holland wants the book to feell as an adventure .
The design of the book is totally made in collaboration with the artist. This makes the book more than ‘an image next to some text’. The works are totally integrated in the design of the book. You can read the book again and again and discover new things in it each time.

  • Creative Directors Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf
  • Art Directors Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf
  • Designers Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf
  • Illustrators Illustrators
  • Photographers Photographers
  • Editors Marloes Waanders
  • Copywriters Roos van Put, Mattias Duyves
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