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Toumba Magazine

by Dimitris Papazoglou

Art Direction and editorial design for the new PAOK FC official magazine.
As the fans already know, 2016 is a unique year for the club, as it celebrates 90 years of pride and glory. In this framework, the new Toumba magazine, released in late December 2015, is designed to present the club’s history and milestones. 
The first issue is created to be a deluxe collector’s edition that includes a dust jacket poster and describes the historical background of PAOK FC. Readers will also come across important interviews, unique photographs and a series of infographics that provide detailed insights of the club’s evolution throughout the years. 
The cover is designed by Sawdust Studio / London, Rob and Jonathan, two really inspiring designers and collaborators that greatly contributed to this publication.

  • Creative Directors Dimitris Papazoglou
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Sawdust Studio / London, Dimitris Papazoglou
  • Photographers Nikos Ververidis
  • Editors Panagiotis Aroniadis
  • Copywriters
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