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Trapl Wine

by Typejockeys

Johannes Trapl is an established wine maker. Located in Stixneusiedl, he is successfully selling his award winning wines from California to Australia. Paying attention to every detail of wine making – up to his close relation to earthworms – is Johannes Trapl’s daily business. For his top product range he only went for the best: His best grapes season 2011–2012, traditionally stamped by feet. Resulting in seven premium wines, that are his personal statement to how a wine should taste!
Each of the seven labels uses a different complex typographic layout. A ton of handdrawn letters and frames adds to the rich details that make these bottles a pleasure to explore. Much like the complex notes, that a wine lover will appreciate about these wines.

  • Creative Directors Thomas Gabriel
  • Art Directors Thomas Gabriel, Michael Hochleitner
  • Designers Thomas Gabriel, Michael Hochleitner
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Lettering Thomas Gabriel
  • Post Production Michael Hochleitner
  • Print Marzek Etiketten
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