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Travel For Good

by Evgeniya Abramova

“Travel For Good” is a non profit volunteer project, created to preserve Russian cultural heritage and to make the young aware of its problems. Volunteers of “Travel for good” help with restoration, accident prevention and land improvement on cultural objects during weekend trips.
The core of visual communication is a metaphorical thread that connects cities and people through time. This line creates a link between cultural legacy and the young generation. Every trip has its own thread that represents a real travel route between the object and the city where the majority of participants come from. Color codes show the diversity of architectural legacy, made of wood, bricks or limestone.
There is always a historical object in the composition centre on all identity carriers and the thread passes this silhouetted object. Also it is framed by typography, that symbolises the object is in the secured territory. These graphic elements protect and save the objects like the volunteers do in real life.
This style building principle is used in merchandise too. Each volunteer gets the merchandise set. So in the calendar the weekends and Fridays are highlighted in large because these are days of the trips to the objects. And the stickers from the merch-set are for marking dates of the present and planned trips in the calendar.
“Travel For Good” is about travelling with meaning, that gives to the young an opportunity to contribute to the cultural legacy preservation and show the importance of historical objects.

  • Creative Directors Evgeniya Abramova
  • Art Directors Evgeniya Abramova
  • Designers Evgeniya Abramova
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Tutor Leonid Slavin
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