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Treinta de Febrero

by Morillas Branding Agency

30.02 (Treinta de Febrero) is a fashion brand for cosmopolitan women of 25-40 years made in Barcelona. She is a woman confident in herself, independent, who values her freedom. The project plays with the idea of the impossible seeking complicity with the consumer.

Its simple, timeless and striking graphic of a calendar highlighting the imposible day combined with empathetic messages are the two pillars for the trade mark which create a direct link between brand and customer. The message is simple: do as you please and set a day aside to dream.

Treinta de Febrero expands our calendar, they are giving away a blank day that everyone can fill in their dreams. A simple brand capable of adapt to changing aesthetic fashion, maintaining its own personality at all times.

  • Creative Directors Lluís Morillas and Jordi Aguilar
  • Art Directors Alex Gobern
  • Designers Stephanie Wurm
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Lluís Morillas, Jordi Aguilar and Paula Chateau
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