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Triennale Design Museum promotional merchandising

by D'Orsi Palmisano Srl

parolepiene.com is a trademark of DOrsi Palmisano Srl. Triennale di Milano and Triennale Design Museum promotional merchandising is created for Skira publishing house, one of the oldest and most glorious names in the world contemporary art publication (http://www.skira.net/). The idea behind the concept is to reveal the interdisciplinary nature of Italian design through the project’s quality of Italian potential literature. The use of a parallel language such as literature wish to do not merchandize main characters and icons of Italian design but rather to create an occasion to divulgate and rediscover the historical memory of italian potential literature as a design activity itself. Italian potential literature is represented by the partnership with OpLePo (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpLePo) the Italian version of the well know OuLiPo francaise (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulipo).
poTential collection: Paolo Albani, a poet member of OpLePo (Italian Laboratory for Potential Literature), wrote for DOrsi Palmisano exclusive exercises of potential literature playing with T type, symbol and logo of Triennale Design Museum (Postcards, Shopping bag, T-shirt).
fonT collection: Renato De Fusco (one of the most influent Italian historian of design) identifies in printing one of the first industrial design expression. In particular, the design of the typeface and its stamp can be considered as an early example of industrial design. The fonT collection help us to rediscover the history of fonts and typeface thanks to the Triennale T uppercase logo interpretation (T-Shirt, Shopping bag, Ruler, Pencil). Main features of Italian design masterpiece is rediscovered thanks an everyday use. Stereoscopic postcards allow us to discover design icons not just experienced as pure photographic icons but during different stages of their daily and magical use (Postcards).

  • Creative Directors Palmisano Matteo
  • Art Directors D'Orsi Giuseppe
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Skira
  • Copywriters Paolo Albani, OpLePo (Opificio di Letteratura Potenziale)
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