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Triskaidekafobie motion graphic


The Triskaidekafobia project was initiated by Roald Vergeer from Ront Concept&Design, Dennis Heida from Televisuals and voice-over artist Sjors Houkes from Bekokstover.   After working on different successful motion graphic projects last year, and winning an EDA in 2012, we teamed up once more to make a self-initiated info graphic and explore the limits of our collaboration. The goal of the motion graphic was to push the boundaries of design, and use the exposure to gain more visibility to existing and new clients.  The name “Triskaidekafobia” represents the fear of the ’unlucky’ number thirteen. Inspired in October ’12 by the approach of the year 2013. Thorough research brought up some very funny and useful facts around this event, which were a solid base for the illustrations and animation. The final animation was send by mail to all existing clients, wishing them a lucky and successful new year. Besides that, we have been able to feature it on different online media and portfolio websites with great response. 

  • Creative Directors Dennis Heida, Roald Vergeer
  • Art Directors -
  • Designers Roald Vergeer
  • Illustrators Roald Vergeer
  • Photographers -
  • Editors -
  • Copywriters -
  • Motion Designer Dennis Heida
  • Voice-over artist Sjors Houkes
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