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TrueGlove gloves

by Ohmybrand

It is impossible to work with only left hand when it comes to domestic gloves from TrueGlove! Those gloves with bold old-school tattoo prints different on each hand would make you want to put them on immediately and never take off. They create playful mood which the specially designed packaging does nothing but highlights. Domestic work will no longer be boring and monotonous if you switch on your imagination – picture yourself being at a fashion show or in front of flashlights of reporters and you would definitely want to throw on some beautiful shoes and of course a pair of fancy gloves. That is how you turn cleaning into a fascinating show in which you are the star. True Glove packing features a cover of a magazine, it tells all about trends of the season, gives useful tips and creates the mood. Besides being informative the packaging involves a process of collecting, its QR code links up to the manufacturer’s site and helps to find more paired gloves.

  • Creative Directors Nadie Parshina
  • Art Directors Nadie Parshina
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Dmitry Hendrikson
  • Photographers Polina Tverdaya
  • Editors Svetlana Chugunova
  • Copywriters Svetlana Chugunova
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