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TY21 Monthly Calendar

by Chris Trivizas

Typography was the inspiration for the design of the 2021 Monthly Calendar. More specifically, the characters of the months are imprinted with different typographic weights, while the numbers of the days (dates) correspond to typographic points. In the title of the diary and in the paragraphs, the superscript refers to the points of the corresponding text, while in each date it specifies the day of the week.

Strikethrough in the days indicates the official holidays of the year.

For the calendar the equal width typeface PF DIN Mono Pro from Parachute® Typefoundrry and the special paper Colorplan Sorbet Yellow 135gsm from Perrakis Papers were selected.

Special edition of 52 numbered copies, as many as the weeks of the year 2021.

  • Creative Directors Chris Trivizas
  • Art Directors Chris Trivizas
  • Designers Chris Trivizas
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Math Studio
  • Editors Sissy Caravia
  • Copywriters
  • Print Kontorousis Bros.
  • Paper Perrakis Papers
  • Typeface Parachute┬« Typefoundry
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