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Type in motion

by DES SIGNES, studio Muchir Desclouds

We have been selected to create the signage system and the layout of the exhibition « Type in motion » at Le Lieu du Design. The exhibition offers to the public a panorama which illustrates the use of animated typography, more specifically in digital communication’s area. We choose the typography Suisse Int’l condensed, created by Swiss Typeface, which is very prominent and modern.
We created a poster which uses the weave, creating a kinetic effect. 
The four letters which compose the word « Type » are firmly placed in the center of the poster, constituting the purpose and the baseline of the creation. The secondaries informations turns around the four blocs. The use of typography diagonally and the bright colors create a vibration evoking the vitality of works presented.

  • Creative Directors Élise Muchir, Franklin Desclouds
  • Art Directors Élise Muchir, Franklin Desclouds
  • Designers Élise Muchir, Franklin Desclouds
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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