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Type Reinvented

by Monotype

In today’s information-dense digital landscape, typography is the key communicator to reach across all media.
In three unique digital art installations, FIELD and Monotype explore the future of typography: How can type become responsive, emotional, platform-adaptive, whilst remaining a powerful messenger of information, style and identity?

Presented at Le Book, Paris, Sensual Power explores the role type design plays on the future fashion stage. Evolving from outlines into glyphs and words, the artwork reveals the sophisticated craftsmanship of our industry’s most treasured typefaces, coming to life in an infinite series of digital posters. An elegant and energetic experience revealing the sophisticated craftsmanship of our industry’s most treasured typefaces, paired with dynamic, motion-controlled visuals and sound.

Glyph.Index is an infinite interactive journey through the vast spectrum of Unicode glyphs in Noto Sans and its 96 font variations – the only typeface designed to represent every symbol in every language. Shown at Resonate Festival in Belgrade, Glyph.Index celebrates the global community and its cultural diversity in playful, rhythmical, ever-changing patterns. 

Responsive Energy, the third installation artwork in the series, explores typefaces in context with space, material and light. In a percussive sequence, bold letter shapes define spatial compositions, melt into tactile surfaces, and form out of dynamic generative processes. 

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