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Typotron-Heft 30

by TGG Hafen Senn Stieger

On the occasion of the 1400 anniversary of the city of St.Gallen, which was founded by Gallus, the 30th edition of the ”Typotron-Heft” makes a contribution to the topic. It tells the story of the cult figure and his affect on society in different centuries. Therefore working in cooperation with the Historical Museum was essential, as the exhibition ”Gallus – Cult, Kitsch, Cartoon” took place at the same time.
All narrative texts are set on an uncoated paper with an antiqua bold and extra bold. In contrast, the legends and explanatory elements are set in a sans serif book. The images and the hot foil stamping on the cover are printed on glossy paper to support a magazine-like character. The exhibits are placed as inserts in a photo format.
This booklet is about how society dealt with the Gallus legend during past centuries. It combines essays of various authors, photographs of exhibits, historical documents and photos from a variety of objects that document the Gallus-cult. The magazine-like character supports the idea of a collection and transports the cult figure of Gallus into our time.

  • Creative Directors Dominik Hafen, Bernhard Senn, Roland Stieger
  • Art Directors
  • Designers TGG Hafen Senn Stieger
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Peter Müller
  • Copywriters Andreas Fagetti, Manuel Kaiser, Daniel Klingenberg, Monika Mähr, Peter Müller, Harry Rosenbaum, Monika Slamanig
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