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U10 Region Atlas

by Total Design

U10 Region Atlas
Insights for regional development.
The ‘U10’ region is a partnership of the City of Utrecht with nine surrounding municipalities: Woerden, Stichtse Vecht, De Bilt, Zeist, Houten, Nieuwegein, Vianen and IJsselstein, all in the Utrecht province in The Netherlands. The villages and cities in this region are strongly interconnected and profit of each other’s strengths. Inhabitants, businesses, educational institutions and governments make a heavy use of the various facilities, collectively provided by the 10 municipalities in the Region of Utrecht.
The U10 Region is in the heart of The Netherlands. It leads the European quality rankings in terms of housing, work, recreation and economy and is therefore multi-excellent. Figures show that the population continues to grow, the economy is strong and mobility is increasing. Being an infrastructural hub, millions of people pass the region on their way to their destination by car or public transport.
Total Public conceived and designed a Strengths and Connections Atlas for the U10 Region. The Atlas combines strategic and tactical information to provide insights in how to develop the existing social and economic cohesion into the future. Local politicians and governors will use the Atlas to define common goals, in order to develop an even stronger and more powerful regio.
Based on four perspectives: Working & Learning, Living, Recreation & Adventure and Mobility, we investigated regional cohesion, differences and the common identity of the ten municipalities. Infographics were created for each perspective, showing the most relevant features and movements and their meaning for the people in the U10 Region.

  • Creative Directors Edwin van Praet
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Edwin van Praet, Cristina Serra, Natalia Bourges, Lisa Salini, Dimitri van Loenen
  • Illustrators Dick Poelen
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Remko Stinisen, Tom van Es, Pascal van der Bol, Jan de Weerd, Ralph Kohlmann
  • Advisor Elisabeth Kroon
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