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Um Segundo Filmes Logotype

by R2

Um Segundo Filmes (One Second Films) is an audiovisual company specialized in producing content for television and advertising, also integrating short films and music and corporate videos in their resume. From the company’s activity, we base our approach on some of the graphical features of the audiovisual universe, namely the concepts of frame per second and RGB. Normally, one device captures and plays back up to 24 frames per second, thus forming a series of consecutive images that result in a video. The frequency that is present in all distribution formats: film, television and web among others. Because this concept is inseparable from cinema, R2 conceived twenty-four numbers ”1”, very distinct between them. The numbers were developed based on the same principle of construction and geometry, some inspired by fonts like the Futura or OCR. To the 24 glyphs was added another element: color. In digital production, the color model established is RGB (Red, Green and Blue), an additive system in which color is generated from the sum of the three-color channels giving rise to the model name. All media designed for the company — graphic line, website, … — follow the same conceptual approach, having 24 numbers ”one” for each of the three RGB colors.

  • Creative Directors Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo
  • Art Directors Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo
  • Designers Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo, assisted by José Maria Cunha
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Video and editing J. Sousa
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