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University of Greenwich – Library and Academic Building wayfinding

by Holmes Wood

What was the challenge?
The University of Greenwich: Library and Academic Building is a new Library and School of Architecture. Working with the architects Heneghan Peng, we responded to their solution: “the urban grain (striation) is drawn across the site, its dimensions related to natural light penetration, air movement and scale. The grain of narrow and wide bands structure the site, narrow bands containing courtyards, wide bands provide the teaching and learning spaces”.

What was the solution?
Working with the concept of voids and the clear grid structure that runs throughout the building we created our own sub-grid and designed a play on positive and negative spaces. The colour palette in the building is white and grey. We took inspiration from Le Corbusier’s tonal colours and created these 3D forms. Every sign is unique and the shape responds to the exact location within the space.

What was the effect?
The feedback is good. There is a feeling that the building, its function and the information graphics work as one.

  • Creative Directors Lucy Holmes, Alexandra Wood
  • Art Directors Lucy Holmes, Alexandra Wood
  • Designers Matteo Rosso, Emma Price, Jason Saunders, Eileen Tunbridge
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Luke Hayes
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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