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University of Twente


In science, every step can bring a new discovery. Beyond the static and the known; continuously looking further. With a multitude of elements as a basis for the identity, University of Twente visualises the fascination for scientific discovery. Man and technology, research and experiment form the basis. The elements are derived from actual scientific studies, and some are more abstract references. Every single element has its own form language and possibilities; the collection is very diverse. The style expresses the very essence of University of Twente: innovative and versatile.The logo counterbalances the dynamism of the elements. Its power of typography, concluded with a full stop, presents the university as solid and academic. This visual identity unites, much more than before, faculties and institutes can participate through the possibilities the style offers. As a result, University of Twente can manifest itself more strongly and separate logos and styles become less. This is not only an advantage for the brand University of Twente, but it also leads to a reduction in time and budget spending.

  • Creative Directors Studio Dumbar
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  • Designers Studio Dumbar
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