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Urbana Magazine

by Christian Schuhmann

Urbana is an informative, cultural and critical printed magazine, which is mainly focused on the urban bicycle and anything that can be related to this type of sustainable and ecological transport mode.

Where there’s a bike, there’s a lane. And where’s a lane, there’re also pedestrians, runners, playing children, electric scooters, people staring at their smartphones—or the sky, who really knows—, impossible corners, skaters, motorcycles, dead animals, deep water puddles, crap, angry yelling people, potholes, broken glass, bar terraces, overhanging tree branches, waste containers—surrounded by garbage, of course—, parked cars and trucks, bus stops, bushy bushes…

To a greater or lesser extent, bicycle users of all over the world face this reality every day, and not only on the streets and roads: the confrontation between cyclists, pedestrians and drivers continues on the Internet. Specially in the social networks, where bicycle supporters and detractors fight against each other in the comment sections, trying always to maintain reason, no matter how absurd the arguments may be.

This neverending conflict that takes place on the streets and on the Internet becomes the main source of inspiration to create this magazine: inside of a classic newspaper inspired format, a neutral space is created offering multiple points of view for the reader. Pages are saturated with graphic elements, forced to share the same space to coexist in harmony, resulting in a continously changing and evolving layout, moving foward through its pages.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Christian Schuhmann
  • Illustrators Christian Schuhmann
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Project tutor Diego Obiol
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