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Utrecht Down Under

by Studio AIRPORT

Create a campaign promoting the exhibition UNDER CONTROL by Utrecht Down Under
About Utrecht Down Under
Utrecht Down Under is an institution that organizes exhibitions presenting artworks from Utrecht-based artists in extraordinary locations. Its latest exhibition UNDER CONTROL featured 36 artists which have been chosen by an independent selection committee. Not only the paintings, prints, performances, films and installations were outstanding, but also the exhibition venue itself: The former prison Wolvenplein opened its doors to a broad public for the first time. 
Concept and Design
Studio AIRPORT was asked to create a campaign promoting the exhibition that attracts people working in the art sector as well as young, art-interested people. The campaign consisted of a poster series, motion graphic animations, a website, signposts within the exhibition, a program booklet as well as online and offline ads. 
The visual language was based on a consistent concept: The use of black and white stripes immediately referred to the prison context and the plain but bold design revealed the artistic nature of the project without showing particular artworks. However, the stripes bended differently to evince that though every artist received an equally constructed cell as exhibition space, they were completely free in designing the artwork within these walls.
Also, the visual language is designed in such a way that it can be translated into all kinds of different media by sticking to the consistent concept while giving the opportunity to adjust all elements at the best possible rate in accordance with the peculiarities of each medium. 
When it comes to the motion graphics for the UNDER CONTROL exhibition, another dimension accrues to the otherwise two dimensional campaign. The sound design perfectly interacts with the visuals and the animated stripes makes the observers dive into a world of prison cells whose iron rods have been bent out of shape through each exhibitor’s artwork. 

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