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Utrecht Uitfeest Leidsche Rijn

by Autobahn

Twenty-five works of art are the trigger for dozens of acts and music performances at the first edition of Utrecht Uitfeest Leidsche Rijn. The event is organised by the city of Utrecht and Beyond, the permanent art program of Leidsche Rijn. Commissioned by Beyond, Autobahn has created the concept and graphic design for the typographic routing along all the art works. Because the area is relatively new and unexplored, a clearly visible and understandable signage was needed. Autobahn presented architectural typographic objects, lasercut out of sustainable polystyrene. The big white numbers immediately draw attention in the landscape and avoid people to lose their way. After the event, the objects were collected and recycled. Besides the typographic route, Autobahn also designed the identity and several items of Utrecht Uitfeest Leidsche Rijn, including the program booklet, several flyers and posters, floor maps, banners and a bicycle map.

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