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vanishing point – refugee perspectives

by alle guten Dinge

Everything is a matter of perspective. This is the core message of the project „vanishing point“. The German translation of the project title is “Fluchtpunkt”. The single word „Flucht“ though means „escape“ and „Punkt“ means „point“.
The topic of migration is often discussed very abstract and rational, but it is actually about individuals and their lifes. Points on graphics are not just dots. Many refugees just vanish. Some are never seen again.

The experiences migrants make depend a lot on peoples opinion, because politicians are oriented towards it. It is our responsibility as humans, that are born in safe living conditions by incident, to do the best we can, to protect others, who haven`t been so lucky. The project wants to sensitize a broad range of people for the topic of migration and the reasons behind it. So supporting the feeling of empathy with a digital screen application was the challenge.
Therefor the website gives visitors the chance to get to know five individual stories and put themselves in their position. There is the stories of three refugees who have in common that at one point each of them crossed the Mediterranean Sea. Next to those stories are reports of volunteers. One is from a person who was involved in a sea rescue trip and another one did voluntary work in the refugee camp Moria on the greek island of Lesvos.

The interactive map is the neutral element embedding the stories and at the same time it is the reference to reality. From the map the visitor of the website can choose which perspective to start with. After this decision the user follows the path of the journeys by scrolling. The text is spoken and can be read. A background melody gives the atmosphere to focus and imagine yourself in someone else‘s position. Info boxes link stories with each other and enable to switch to another story or background information.

  • Creative Directors Patricia Urbas
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Alea Horst, Daniel Kempf-Seifried
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Support in programming Daniela Hach
  • Supervision Prof. Daniel Rothaug
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