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Publication > 11.5 Annual Report

Versprechen 10

by Arnold. Inhault und Form AG

In 2010, Helsana commissioned Arnold Inhalt und Form (AIF) to develop and realise a completely new concept and design for its annual report. Following a change of direction and a financial turnaround, the company was keen to use its new annual report to send out a clear signal that it is successfully and sustainably on course for the future. AIF took on the task of transforming this promise into something tangible and visible.
The concept is designed to document the company?s consolidation process over the course of three years. The 2010 report was consequently entitled ?Promise?, with the 2011 edition taking the name ?Realisation? and the 2012 version set to focus on the theme of ?Consolidation?. The paperback format chosen for this publication is intended to give the report a low-key appearance, something which also influenced the decision to primarily use black and white photographs to illustrate the contents. The report emphasises the authenticity of the company in both words and images and accentuates Helsana?s new spirit.
The report, which comprises two parts ? a brief ?Review? section containing the traditional information about the development of the business and a detailed ?Outlook? section based on the theme for the year ? was structured so as to highlight the period after the turnaround as well. The second section presents an extensive interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO, in which they demonstrate how they intend to lead Helsana into the future. In addition to a company profile, employees also illustrate the services provided by Helsana through their own day-to-day work.

  • Creative Directors Urs Arnold, Arnold. Inhalt und Form AG
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Daniel Peterhans, Arnold. Inhalt und Form AG
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Claudia Wyss
  • Copywriters Zoe Arnold, Christoph Grenacher, Markus Sch
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