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In collaboration with landscape architect we were commissioned to develop the urban space around the shopping street in the center Vestnes. The street is part of the Trondheim Post Road and it was a requirement from the county that this came out in the project. The task consisted of mustering and decorative stone coating, street furniture, lighting, systems for management of surface water and guide lines for the visually impaired. The entire project should be designed according to rules of universal design. Vestnes Council will in the coming years gearing up large parts of the city center and waterfront. The project would also be a “template” for future development of the site.


The visual solution takes starting point in the letter, the Post Road and the Vestnes history. The written word has become a key concept in the project. Stray letters and open envelopes with text characterizes the new city floor. A special typography was developed and used as a technical solution for water drainage, while it is, along with other visual elements, profile carrier for the visual identity. It is chosen different types of granite for a painterly feel of stone coating, and to avoid the street being too monotone and flat. Large stone features a black and made of granite to increase the contrast for the visually impaired.

Special conditions:

Gutters and manholes to withstand heavy transport, and take away enough water. Typography and visual elements are designed for this, while it is adapted to a suitable mode of production. Gutters and manholes should also serve as guide lines for the visually impaired, both day and night. Post Road’s history was also attended. The entire project should be designed according to rules of universal design.

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